La Direction des Affaires Académiques de l'UNH porte à la connaissance de toute personne intéressée et compétente qu'un recrutement au sein de son personnel académique est en cours. Sont particulièrement visés, les professeurs, libres de tout engagement, ayant une thèse de doctorat dans les domaines liés: aux Sciences des Aliments et de l'Environnement; aux Sciences Informatiques. Ce communiqué tient lieu de faire-part.

Université Nouveaux Horizons (UNH) is a private initiative that aims to innovate in its teaching approach.
Its bilingual curriculum (in French and in English ) will be taught according to the LMD ( License , Master, Doctorate) system.

The university is located in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo , in the heart of one of the most important mining operation in the world. Its proximity to the Southern African countries offers its students the possibility to venture out and explore the business environment of some of the world’s great emerging economies.

At UNH you will receive a high quality education and academic support. Our professors and our lecturers graduated from leading international universities and have a very rich professional experience. Their desire to share their knowledge with you will facilitate your ability to learn the different subjects offered in the your area of study. Our faculties have an extensive local and international expertise, essential in order to facilitate and harmonize trade in a world increasingly interconnected.


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